Sheetal Anand

I'm a lifestyle content writer and love writing about subjects close to my heart like fashion, fitness, travel, beauty and more. My writing skills are combined with the principles of digital marketing to create content that's digitally optimized and social media ready. Short catchy headlines or long form descriptive copy, I'm adept at both.
When not writing, I'm either pumping iron in the gym or stirring up a new recipe. Yeah, yeah !!!

Transform your health with Turmeric – the wonder spice – Dr. Ken's Cure with Acupressure

Turmeric (curcuma longa), widely used in Indian kitchens and the quintessential ingredient of curry, is a wonder spice that can take your health to a whole new level. Bursting with antioxidants and the very potent bioactive compound curcumin, turmeric has healing properties beyond compare. Curcumin helps to dramatically reduce inflammation in the body. Due to this, it has performed better than or equivalent to drugs in the prevention and treatment of Cancer. It also reduces the after-effects o

Get into criminally good shape

Straight out of the cellblocks of California state prison, this fitness regime of real inmates is a mix-up of bodyweight exercises that doesn't rely on any equipment or trainer. In prison, you are either fit enough to fend off an attack or you will end up in the morgue. Naturally, then workouts are rigorous, ripped and rock solid. Fitness Consultant from Mumbai, Ganesh Nihalkunj enlightens, "This is a great trend. I personally favour bodyweight exercises as they help strengthen the core and i

Unchain the rebel in you

While a chain can look ordinary, a chain necklace can create drama. Don a statement chain neckpiece if you want to be the talk of the party. Chain me silly, chain me good Celebrated accessory designer from Hyderbad, Suhani Pittie says, “Chains almost feel like liquid metal. They are so fluid and versatile, that one can do loads with this element.  Bunch together a cluster of chains for a grunge look, add pearls to make chains look classy, add an old brooch and give it a vintage mark. Design

My first visit to a Nude Beach. Shocking. Enlightening. Beautiful.

It was the summer of 2017. I was visiting my daughter at her UBC campus in Vancouver BC, Canada. On a lonesome day while walking through the beautiful campus, I read a sign. Wreck Beach ahead 50 mtrs. Wreck Beach, I was told, is, hold-your-horses, a NUDE BEACH. Now, I had heard of Nude Beaches and pondered about them but never had the opportunity to actually go to one. Initially, I thought that whoever visited had to also do so in the buff. So, the conformist in me shook my head from right to left, obviously a big NO. But, when I read Clothing optional Beach, I breathed a sigh of relief. I thought I should go.